Good evening! Writing again tonight !

I hope you had a nice Christmas and 2015 will be a good year for all of you.


I apologise for the lack of recent updates.


December was somewhat of a challenging month and quite a lot of things happened which threw me off track for a while.


Nonetheless, I am writing again and the challenges and experiences of the past few weeks have given me added impetus to complete the novel.


I hope to have a newsletter for my subscribers to read by this weekend and I will give you some more information on the progress of the novel in that.


I've written a few hundred words this evening and am excited about the next few weeks of writing once again.


Thanks for all your support and interest, and thanks for your messages of support over the past few weeks, when my dad was ill in hospital. They are appreciated and have helped him immensely.


Until next time...


...and the finish line is closer...