Good evening all!


I've just finished another session of writing. My novel is back on track and March will definitely be an exciting month to iron out some of the challenges I have faced with completing the first draft. The scenes I am writing at the moment (which make up part 8 of the novel) have been particularly challenging as there is so much going on that I have had to keep track of. Added to this is quite a complicated back story that I want to keep in the novel, but I don't want it to distract the reader from the thrust of the main story.  Nonetheless I believe it to be an important, integral part to the overall story. After I complete this section of the novel I will be going back to part 7 of the novel to complete it. There are a few characters in part 7 that ultimately will be appearing in part 8 of the novel, but not just yet!


It sounds cryptic and complicated and I've drunk more coffee and red wine than I should have, but I think that it will make for an amazing story for you all to read.


Well back to it and I hope to update you all again soon.

Thanks for the constant interest...


... and the finish line is closer.