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A quick update for you all.


The finish line is closer.


I'm going to just give you this snippet of a passage that means a LOT to me. I poured my soul into this seemingly simple paragraph last year, but I hope this gives you all a taste of my style and also makes you think who this person could be and where in the novel this occurs...


His knees sank into the sodden earth. His shoulders slumped and his head bowed; chin resting on his chest. He was utterly spent, physically and emotionally. The rain incessantly beat down all around him and his face and body were awash with the deluge from the leaden sky. His eyes began to sting; it was a combination of the rain and his tears. An onlooker wouldn't have seen the tears, just a sad downtrodden figure not at ease with the world.  He summoned up all his strength and reached forward. His hand caressed the marble of the gravestone and he muttered, ‘I'm sorry I couldn't help you. Please forgive me.’
His hand fell down; his last ounce of strength was spent and the rain carried on. It never washed away or cleansed his pleas for absolution though.


Thanks as always for your interest. My estimate of 100000 words may be revised upwards soon... !


and the finish line is closer...