Exciting times ahead!

Good evening everyone!


I've had another interesting day writing and got over 1,500 words done, taking the current word count to over 55,600!


I've ended the current part of the novel on a great cliff-hanger/twist and am now starting to write Part 7 of the novel. It's almost a novel within a novel, but is going to be an important sub-plot all the same.


This could prove to be the most ambitious part of the novel, but I'm going to go with the flow and just go for it.


By the time I complete Part 7, then I will dive back into answering the questions from the first 6 parts and then the first draft should be complete (fingers crossed!)


I've also been looking into cover art for the novel and have some really interesting ideas which I hope to share with my subscribers in the next few editions of the newsletter.


Exciting times ahead!


This is Nik, signing off (for the night)... ;-)




"and the finish line is closer..."