Progress today

Evening everyone!


Just a very quick thank you to all of those who "attended" my newsletter launch on Facebook this lunchtime. It is so amazing to have your support and interest in my project.


Equally important are all of my subscribers. You are an important part of the project and will continue to be foremost in my mind as I continue to write the novel. I have a clear path which I will take over the next few months and I will of course share this with you at each stage and as each new milestone is reached.


Well even though I've been busy entertaining and cooking today for family, I've still (as always) managed to write over 1,000 new words today, which takes the total word count to 63,300+


The goal this week is to reach 70,000


How many words am I aiming for?  I can't answer that just yet, so I will just say that as I am aiming to complete the first draft in the next 4 weeks, then that should give you an idea, where I am at this moment in time.


Have a nice evening everyone and I hope the week ahead is good to you all.




and the finish line is closer...

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