Novel update !

Hello everyone!


first of all let me apologise for the lack of information this week!


To say it's been a hectic one for me would be an understatement.


Not only have I been trying to write this week, but I have only landed myself another job, which I start tomorrow ! I'm looking forward to it of course and it will mean that my writing is done during lunch breaks and in the evening. But that's how I was doing it anyway up until the past 7 weeks.


These last couple of months have been amazingly productive for me as a writer. I've been inspired and hopefully the end results will show how much this time has assisted me to pour my whole soul into the project. In that space of time I have written nearly 50,000 words and now taken the word count to 71,000 words.


The goal of the first draft in October still is my priority.


Well that's all for this evening apart to remind you that Newsletter 6 will be published on Sunday 28th September.


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Thanks for all your amazing support and interest.




and the finish line is closer...


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